Osprey chicks hatch at Poole Harbour nest


The breeding pair of Ospreys in Poole Harbour have hatched their first three chicks of the year.

It marks the second successive year that the raptors, which are part of a reintroduction scheme, have bred in Dorset. Last year the pair raised two chicks, becoming the first known Ospreys to breed in southern England since 1847.

Two chicks have hatched at the Poole Harbour Osprey nest (Birds of Poole Harbour).

A webcam captured the first bird hatching on Monday 29 May at 10.17 pm. By the following lunchtime, two chicks had appeared. A third has since appeared.

The reintroduction programme, led by conservation charity Birds of Poole Harbour, began in 2017 with the aim of establishing a breeding population. Brittany Maxted, who manages the charity's osprey project, said: "This is the first time we have had cameras that can look into the nest so people can see them hatch. We hope they will produce even more birds this year."

In 2022, the pair laid three eggs but one did not hatch.