New nature foundation launched in Ecuador


Following a successful fundraising campaign in 2022 that saved the famous Refugio Paz de las Aves reserve near Mindo in Ecuador, a new foundation has been set up in the Paz name.

Fundación Paz de Las Aves was recently launched to protect, conserve, and expand the range of more than 554 bird species located in north-west Ecuador. Its objective is to design programs to manage and restore habitat with an emphasis on the conservation of primary and secondary forests.

Additionally, it plans to establish environmental education programs that actively engage our community in the conservation of natural heritage.

Giant Antpitta is one of five antpitta species that can be seen at Refugio Paz de las Aves (Martyn Sidwell).

It is now seeking financial contributions from birders, ornithologists and wildlife enthusiasts to help it with three initial projects. These are:

  • Create a greenhouse for the care and development of 1,500 plants endemic to the local cloudforest;
  • Hire an employee for care and reforestation of cattle pasture;
  • Purchase additional land for the protection of 190 bird species

Refugio Paz de las Aves offers unique opportunities to see up to five species of antpitta, including the iconic Giant Antpitta, plus a host of other usually secretive forest species, that have been habituated through feeding practices introduced by Angel and Rodrigo.

Find out more at pazdelasaves.org. Donations can be made via Natura International here.