Leicestershire country park partially closed to protect wildlife


A section of a country park in Leicestershire has closed to the public to help support the conservation of a range of species.

Jewels Hill at Beacon Hill Country Park has previously been temporarily closed to help improve conservation of the heathland and wildlife. Leicestershire County Council said the initiative had been a success and has asked the public to continue supporting the scheme.

Ground-nesting birds like Eurasian Skylark will benefit from the lack of disturbance at Jewels Hill (Mike Haberfield).

The hill, part of the country park that attracts more than 250,000 visitors each year, was first closed off during the peak season in 2021. The council said it was now restricting access until 1 August.

It said ecologists monitoring the area had seen the undisturbed grass and vegetation benefitting a range of species, including birds.