July/August top 10 books


Now is the time for waterbirds, with the first returning waders coming through in July and August and seabird colonies still worth a visit. 

We've put together a special selection of books that represents a comprehensive mix of identification guides, conservation, art and photography, covering all aspects of these two fascinating groups' lifestyles – and at prices to suit every pocket.


1. Waders of Europe 

The ultimate guide to wader identification, ecology and biology. Through outstanding photography and concise, detailed text, this book is indispensable for anyone interested in learning more about waders, and is an invaluable tool for identifying birds to species level in the field.

By Lars Gejl
RRP £40
Our price from £34.99

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2. Waders of Europe, Asia and North America

A complete identification reference to all of the sandpipers, plovers, stints and other waders found in Europe, Asia and North America. The superb plates show birds at rest and in flight, in every plumage variant likely to be encountered. Facing text summarises key identification pointers to complete a quick-reference guide to this challenging group.

By Stephen Message and Don Taylor
RRP £30
Our price from £26.99

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3. Shorebirds in Action

This comprehensive title describes physical behavioural traits such as feeding, breeding, migration, and particular physiological adaptations, as well as territorial behaviour when feeding and breeding. There is detailed discussion of the range of species and their different lifestyles together with feeding strategies, flocking, roosting and the avoidance of predators. 

By Richard Chandler
RRP £19.99
Our price from £17.99

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4. Curlew Moon

Mary Colwell takes us on a 500-mile journey on foot from the west coast of Ireland to the east coast of England, to discover what is happening to Eurasian Curlew, one of our most endangered birds. This evocative book chronicles her impressive journey, with beautiful illustrations by Jessica Holm.

By Mary Colwell
RRP £16.99
Our price from £14.99

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5. Shorebirds of the Northern Hemisphere

Covering all the species of the northern hemisphere, this new photographic guide provides all the information a birder will need at a glance. Lavishly illustrated with colour photography by the author, Shorebirds of the Northern Hemisphere focuses on specific and subspecific separation and on ageing to provide a complete identification resource.

By Richard Chandler
RRP £40
Our price from £34.99

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6. RSPB Seabirds

This book showcases some of our most enigmatic bird species as vital and living components of one of our greatest natural assets: our coastline. The author presents detailed biographies of the seabirds that breed in and around the British Isles, and also looks at some species that breed elsewhere but visit British waters.

By Marianne Taylor
RRP £25
Our price from £21.99

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7. Seabirds of the World

The rarely seen and exciting world of seabirds is illustrated in all its glory. Renowned wildlife photographer David Tiplinghas trekked to remote and beautiful locations around the world – from Antarctica to the Arctic and many points in between – to capture birds in their natural habitat going about their daily lives

By David Tipling
RRP £16.99
Our price from £15.99

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8. RSPB Spotlight: Puffins

Puffins are perhaps our most iconic and recognisable seabird, with their decorative bills and clown-like gait. Author Euan Dunn provides a revealing account of the birds’ life cycle, behaviour and breeding, what they eat, how they interact in their busy colonies, and where they migrate to in winter.

By Euan Dunn
RRP £9.99
Our price from £7.99

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9. Flight Identification of European Seabirds

Seawatching, whether from land or at sea, can present identification difficulties to even the most experienced birder, and demands a specialised set of skills and strategies to deal with the challenges of bad weather and poor visibility. This unique field guide is indispensable to all seabird enthusiasts and will greatly enhance their experience.

By Anders Blomdahl, Bertil Breife and Niklas Holmstrom
RRP £40
Our price from £34.99

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10. Waders: their Breeding, Haunts and Watchers

Comprehensive accounts cover the biology and behaviour of 18 species of waders in their breeding haunts. In addition there are chapters on waders generally, wader dispersion, wader-watchers of past and recent times, and two final sections on new or returning waders and those species that may yet breed in Britain.

By Desmond Nethersole-Thompson and Maimie Nethersole-Thompson
RRP £60
Our price from £54.99

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