Javan Myna makes it to Britain


Having boarded a plane in Singapore, a Javan Myna was found in business class on a flight to London. The bird appeared in the cabin during the 14-hour Singapore Airlines flight to Heathrow, but repeatedly eluded crew members who tried to capture it, as the footage below shows.

The myna was first seen on flight SQ322 on 7 January, with two hours of the journey remaining. It's thought the bird had remained hidden in an overhead locker before flying out. It was eventually caught on landing in London and handed over to UK animal quarantine authorities.

It's likely the bird flew aboard the aircraft at Changi Airport in Singapore, where it is one of the commonest species of bird, before embarking on the 6,700-mile journey. Singapore Airlines released a statement saying: "The bird was subsequently caught by cabin crew with the assistance of some of the passengers on board and handed over to authorities in charge of animal quarantine upon the aircraft's arrival in London."

The incident is the latest in a recent flurry of birds being found trying to enter an aircraft cabin. Last month, 70 live finches were discovered stowed in a passenger's hand luggage at New York JFK airport. Last January, a woman was barred from bringing an Indian Peafowl, thought to be called Dexter, onboard a United Airlines flight.