Green Taxes Lack Vision

Landfill: Landfill tax will continue to increase with a proportion of the levy going to environmental projects(photo: Martin Scott).

A green tax vision is missing from today's Budget, the RSPB says today.

While welcoming above-inflation increases in environmental taxes, the Society believes long-term, rather than three-year, tax plans would be far more effective.

Ian Dickie, Senior Economist at the RSPB said: "New homes must be zero carbon by 2016 and environmental taxes need a similar long-term view. Businesses and households need that stability to plan ahead and make the commitments to tackling climate change that are so vital.

"Increasing green taxes will protect the environment and wildlife but passing the benefits on through other tax cuts shows the wider benefits green policies can bring."

Two Budget announcements could significantly boost conservation. In the UK, landfill tax will continue to increase, with a proportion of the levy going to environmental projects. And international aid will support environmental protection through tackling climate change and reducing deforestation.

Jo Phillips, the RSPB's Head of International Development Policy, said: "This is good news. It is vital we recognise the crucial role a healthy environment plays in tackling climate change and reducing poverty, and help developing countries safeguard their forests and natural assets."

Written by: RSPB