Fly a kite for Hen Harriers


TV presenter and wildlife campaigner Chris Packham hopes to highlight the plight of one of our most threatened raptor species, Hen Harrier, with a kite-flying event at Box Hill, Surrey.

To mark this event this coming Saturday (5 October 2019), he's had 100 paper kites made and wants adults and children to fly them at 2.30 pm.

Chris said: "Saturday is about having an enjoyable day out for people and to raise awareness that our Hen Harriers are in deep trouble. If we are able to fly 100 kites it will represent many times more than the actual number of Hen Harriers that are flying in the skies of England. This is a shameful situation."

There has been more in the news this week about two young Hen Harriers disappearing in suspicious circumstances in North Yorkshire and Durham. The two immature birds were part of a controversial DEFRA government trial – termed 'brood management' – to see whether removing Hen Harrier chicks from a grouse moor (to prevent their parents catching Red Grouse to feed to them), rearing them in captivity and then returning them to another grouse moor would help boost the bird of prey's dwindling population.

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It is suspected that the two harriers may have been illegally killed and the police are currently investigating the disappearance.

Despite its serious message, the event on Saturday is very much a family day out at the National Trust's Box Hill property where people can have a fun day out flying the kites and learning more about these vulnerable raptors.