Fire damages 33 hectares at Wild Ken Hill


Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk has suffered 'devastating' damage after a fire.

Dominic Buscall, manager at Wild Ken Hill in Snettisham, said the fire on Tuesday 19 July affected an area of 33 ha at the reserve. The site, used as the base for BBC Springwatch, saw a 'significant' amount of wildlife destroyed.

The fire at Wild Ken Hill (Andrew Waddison).

Conservationist Chris Packham took to Twitter saying it was "global madness" and "we've got to learn from this". Mr Buscall shared a video of the fire on Twitter at 1.24 pm before later announcing it was under control at 5.10 pm.

Following the fire Mr Buscall shared the extent of the damage in a Twitter thread. He said: "A significant amount of wildlife perished in the fire, in particular mammals, reptiles and amphibians, late-nesting and juvenile birds. The coastal park is home to European Turtle Doves, Grasshopper Warbler and many other rare birds which we hope mostly escaped."

On the extent of the damage to the coastal park he said: "The fire moved fast and therefore has not destroyed all of the taller vegetation. The ground flora is almost all gone, but we expect it to regenerate quickly."

Although the cause of the blaze is unknown, he said: "Undoubtedly climate change played some role in causing this."