Drone confirms new breeding bird for Croatia


Technology has helped to confirm a new breeding bird species for Croatia.

Local ornithologists suspected that Mediterranean Gull might be nesting at the fishponds near the town of Našice, in the east of the country, after having observed up to 15 individuals there this spring. The species had not previously been confirmed to have bred in the country, so any potential nesting attempt was of national significance.

Drone footage was able to confirm the presence of at least one Mediterranean Gull nest (Josip Ledinšćak / Birding Croatia).

Recently, a drone was employed to fly over the fishponds at a safe height in order to provide imagery without disturbing any nesting birds.

Footage from the drone confirmed the presence of at least one Mediterranean Gull nest among the Black-headed Gull colony, with several other likely nests also identified. This represents the first confirmed breeding attempt by Mediterranean Gull in Croatia. The news was revealed on the Birding Croatia Facebook page.

As well as the gulls, the footage was able to confirm the nesting of both Avocet and Black-winged Stilt at the site.