Dorset Police to review investigation into White-tailed Eagle death


Dorset Police is to review its probe into the death of a White-tailed Eagle found with poison in its system.

Part of an ongoing conservation project on the Isle of Wight, it was one of three found dead this year. Tests revealed high levels of the poison brodifacoum, a rat poison, in the bird in North Dorset in January.

The force stopped an investigation into its death in March after it was unable to to confirm deliberate intent to kill the eagle.

The White-tailed Eagle found dead in Dorset (Dorset Police).

Dorset Police said a senior detective has now been asked to review the case. Deputy Chief Constable Sam de Reya said: "As you can imagine detecting the deliberate poisoning of a bird of prey is extremely difficult without local intelligence and information to support the investigation.

"To provide reassurance, a senior detective has been asked to review the investigation and will consider the evidence and liaise with stakeholders, including the Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme and the CPS."

The decision to end the investigation was previously described as "baffling" and "premature" by the RSPB.

Tests were carried out on the bird but police said experts were unable to establish whether it was a deliberate act or due to the eagle eating prey containing the poison. The force has also urged anyone with new information to come forward.