Derbyshire joins RSPB's list of bird crime hot-spots


The RSPB has added Derbyshire to its list of bird of prey crime hot-spots.

The charity considered 10 years of data on crimes targeting birds of prey before deciding to add Derbyshire to its list of 'hot-spots' for bird crime. The RSPB said raptor persecution remains at a sustained high level nationwide, especially in England, where 80 confirmed incidents took place in 2021.

Common Buzzard was the most persecuted raptor in England in 2021 (Colin Harvey).

More than two thirds (71%) of all confirmed incidents of raptor persecution related to land managed for gamebird shooting, where birds of prey are seen by some as a threat to gamebird stocks and illegally killed. One incident, caught on camera by the RSPB, showed a gamekeeper beating Common Buzzards to death in a trap in Nottinghamshire.

The RSPB's latest Birdcrime report was published earlier this month.