Decapitated ducks discovered in Lincolnshire park


Two decapitated Mallard have been found in Sidney Park, Lincolnshire, with the discoverer believing the grizzly deaths to have been executed by a human. The RSPCA hasn't ruled out that it was a deliberate act.

The finder, who does not wish to be named, says she found the bodies of two decapitated ducks last month, and believes the deaths are not the result of any animal. She was out walking her dog early in the morning, when she found one body a short distance away from the pond before, a few minutes later, she discovered another nearby.

The drake and female Mallard were suspected to have been killed by a human (GNP).

She told the Grimsby Telegraph: "I was out walking the dogs in the park like I do most mornings when I have them, when I was shocked to find two headless ducks near the pond. At first, I thought that it was probably foxes that did it, but then when I looked around the area, I noticed that there were very few feathers scattered about the place, which usually happens whenever a fox attacks a bird like that.

"I also thought that the cleanness of the cuts was very suspicious which has led me to believe that a human has done this to the poor animals. There are regularly problems in the park, and I have witnessed on a number of occasions, groups of youths throwing stones and sticks at the ducks and the swans.

"After finding the animals I quickly called the RSPCA to report the incident, but I don't know if they have been able to find out what exactly has happened to them."

An RSPCA spokesperson commented: "This must have been upsetting to see. We encourage anyone who has any information about what may have happened here to call us on 0300 1234 999.

"While we can't rule out that this was a deliberate act, there is also a possibility that this was caused by wildlife predation as it isn't unusual for foxes to remove the heads, tails or limbs of animals and take them away from the scene while their teeth also make extremely clean, precise cuts which can look similar to knife wounds."