Curlew Cam 2020 goes live


Independent conservation organisation Curlew Country has announced that its Curlew Cam 2020 is now live.

The webcam offers wonderfully intimate views of a nesting pair of Eurasian Curlew on farmland in Mid Wales, and viewers are encouraged to check in and see how the nest is progressing.

Both of the adult curlews are ringed. The male, 'yellow BI', was ringed at Dolydd Hafren NR, north of Montgomery, on 6 August 2015. He has nested locally for five years now, with this his third consecutive breeding attempt on the present territory. Each of BI's nests was fenced by Curlew Country, with all producing hatched chicks. He is known to winter at Devoran, Cornwall, where Mark Grantham has seen him every winter since he was ringed.

The female, 'yellow ID', was also ringed at Dolydd Hafren on 27 March 2017. She is also known to have nested at another territory (some 10 km away) but it's unclear whether she has successfully hatched or reared young in the past. She is a new pairing for this male, who nested with an unringed bird last year.



Watch the Curlew Cam live!

Incidentally, the same curlew territory was the feature of a short film by Billy Clapham called Keeper of the Call. This featured on Springwatch in 2019 and was nominated for several awards at film festivals internationally.

The learn more about Curlew Country's work, or to make a donation to this most worthwhile cause, visit the Curlew Country website.