Cement company commits to long-term cross-continental conservation

Looking over a CEMEX site at Soto Pajares quarry, Spain. Photo: Charlie Butt.
Looking over a CEMEX site at Soto Pajares quarry, Spain. Photo: Charlie Butt.
A global partnership between a cement company and BirdLife International has recognised the mutual benefits for nature and business that conservation action at quarries can bring.

The CEMEX-BirdLife partnership has been an ongoing concern since 2007, and is protecting globally important sites for nature including Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas, linking-up species conservation across borders and adding weight to BirdLife International’s EU policy work. For CEMEX’s cement business, the liaison has brought reputation, opportunities and relations with communities through BirdLife’s national partners. Because of these recent successes, CEMEX and BirdLife have just signed a three-year global partnership renewal.

Current projects include the conservation of Golden Eagle via radio tracking to better understand their dispersal, along with the enhancement of Sonoran Grassland Desert – prime Golden Eagle habitat which surrounds the quarry – all with with Pronatura (BirdLife in Mexico). CEMEX are also collaborating with the RSPB (BirdLife in the UK) and LPO (BirdLife in France) to link-up conservation of Turtle Dove, a migratory species whose western flyway population is currently dropping at an alarming rate.

In the last three years, CEMEX and BirdLife have released a joint statement in support of EU Nature Conservation Policy, set the framework for a CEMEX biodiversity strategy, trained and developed staff, and tested a pilot of the CEMEX-BirdLife Biodiversity Action Plan standard in each one CEMEX’s global regions. CEMEX now collaborates with BirdLife Partners in Malaysia, Spain, the UK, France, the Czech Republic, Austria, Mexico, Colombia, the USA and the Dominican Republic, as well as demonstrating significant gains for both business and biodiversity.

BirdLife International’s new Chief Executive, Patricia Zurita, welcomed the partnership renewal, saying: “BirdLife’s partnership with CEMEX demonstrates the power of innovative business-NGO partnerships in terms of the on-the-ground delivery for Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas, nature and people. I am delighted with the successes of recent years, through both the national partnerships and biodiversity action plan projects. Now we are poised to take this longstanding partnership to the next level.”
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