BTO cuckoos moving north


The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) has reported that a number of satellite-tagged Common Cuckoos are moving north.

Males from Norfolk, North Wales and Scotland are being monitored, with all four of the birds having recently completed the first stage of their spring migrations after spending the winter in the Congo Basin.

As of 15 March, Ellis (tagged at Loch Arklet, Perthshire) and JAC (Llangollen, Denbighshire) were in Guinea, while Joe (Cranwich, Norfolk) and Victor II  (Loch Katrine, Perthshire) were in Ivory Coast.

Four BTO-tagged Common Cuckoos are on their way north (Lee O'Dwyer).

The BTO's cuckoo tagging project began in 2011 and has delivered a wealth of fascinating data on this beloved summer visitor. More than 100 different cuckoos have been tracked in the past 12 years.

Keep up to date with the BTO's cuckoos and their movements at bto.org/cuckoos.