Broadland patrols to euthanise bird flu victims


Amid the ongoing bird flu crisis, animal rescue charities in Norfolk have been responding to reports of infected birds to "prevent them from suffering."

Two months after the outbreak hit the Broads National Park in October, the ongoing prevalence of bird flu in the area has led rescue charities, including the RSPCA, to take drastic measures to control the spread and prioritise welfare.

Mute Swans have been hit by the disease in the Broads National Park (Jane Rowe).

Dan Goldsmith, from Marine and Wildlife Rescue (MWR), said: "We've never had a time like this in the history of our existence. We worked very closely with the RSPCA to help euthanise the impacted birds.

"It was unfortunate but very necessary to prevent them from suffering."

The RSPCA has been following up reports of birds showing symptoms of bird flu, euthanising them by injection.

Mr Goldsmith said that although cases continue, the peak seen in October has passed.

"It's been so sad for a lot of people that live there, those that run businesses and for holidaymakers as well."

The UK Health Security Agency says that the risk to public health is very low, but DEFRA advises the public not to touch any dead or sick birds and to phone cases in to their reporting line on 03459 33 55 77.