Breeding success for Cumbrian seabirds


Seabirds have had an improved breeding season on the Cumbrian coast following a challenging few years.

Numbers of Arctic and Little Tern chicks increased following a wretched 2022, which saw the former species fail to breed at all at the Foulney Island colony. This year, eight youngsters fledged. Meanwhile, Little Tern numbers doubled at South Walney, with 10 pairs producing 20 young.

Little Tern has had a successful breeding season in Cumbria (Jon Heath).

The charity also recorded 755 pairs of European Herring Gull and 870 pairs of Lesser Black-backed Gull at Foulney Island.

Foulney Island seasonal warden, Bekka Watts, said the 2023 breeding season was described as a "great result" by Cumbria Wildlife Trust, despite the breeding season being marred by disturbances by dogs, walkers, kayakers, microlights and drones.