Birds and Recreational Disturbance Publication

Nightjar: One of several species that will come under pressure from countryside users in the next few months (photo: Graham Catley).

Users of the countryside, including birdwatchers, have an impact on birds and other wildlife. The BOU conference on Birds and Recreational Disturbance looked at the impact of some leisure activities on birds in Britain.

Many birdwatchers will be interested in some of the aspects covered, including the papers on Stone-curlew, Woodlark, Dartford Warbler and Nightjar - all species which over the next few months will come under increased pressure from many countryside users, including birdwatchers.

The BOU have now published Birds and Recreational Disturbance as a free-to-view, online supplement of the BOU's journal, Ibis:

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View the online supplement.


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