Bird flu kills thousands of waterbirds in West Africa


Thousands of waterbirds have reportedly died in Senegal and The Gambia in recent weeks as both countries are hit hard by an outbreak of bird flu (Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza; HPAI).

More than 1,700 birds have been reported as killed by the virus in Senegal, where the victims have included Great White Pelicans, Great Cormorants, Grey-headed Gulls and various tern species, including West African Crested Tern.

West African Crested Tern is reported to have been particularly badly hit by a bird flu outbreak in Senegal and The Gambia, with thousands of birds feared to have perished in recent weeks (Sara L Giles / commons.wikimedia.org).

Additionally, HPAI has been confirmed in The Gambia following the testing of corpses collected at Tanji Bird Reserve. Reports suggest that the number of birds affected is well into the hundreds, with West African Crested and Caspian Terns being the species hardest hit.

Further details are currently scant but updates are being sought.