Big Garden Birdwatch returns this weekend


The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch is back this weekend – and the RSPB is inviting all comers to take part.

The event takes place from 29-31 January and all you need to do is set aside an hour to record the birds that come and go in your garden. If you're in a flat, you can log the species from your window or balcony.

House Sparrow has declined as a garden bird in Britain (Peter Miles).

Beccy Speight, the RSPB's Chief Executive, said: "We know that for many people garden birds provide an important connection to the wider world and bring enormous joy. Lockdown brought few benefits, but the last year has either started or reignited a love of nature for many people.

"There has been a broad and much-needed realisation that nature is an important and necessary part of our lives especially for our mental health and wellbeing. But nature needs us too."

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Since the first Birdwatch in 1979, numbers of House Sparrow sightings have dropped by 53%. Song Thrushes were a firm fixture in the top 10 in 1979, but those numbers have since declined by 76%, leaving the bird at number 20 on the list last year.

"By taking part in the Birdwatch, you are helping to build an annual snapshot of how our birdlife is doing across the UK," said Beccy. "It is only by us understanding how our wildlife is faring that we can protect it. We know that nature is in crisis but, together, we can take action to solve the problems facing nature."

If you would like to take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch you can text BIRD to 70030 or register your interest here for your free guide.