Azores Bullfinch becomes a brand

The 'Land of Priolo' brand will act as a mark of eco-sustainability in the Azores.
The 'Land of Priolo' brand will act as a mark of eco-sustainability in the Azores.
Ecotourism companies in Portugal get 'green' branding in support of the endangered endemic Azores finch also known as Priolo.

Birdwatch has been an ardent supporter of the species, and became a BirdLife champion of it to raise thousands of pounds-worth of funds.

19 companies have so far joined the 'Lands of Priolo' brand in Portugal, which is a seal of quality for tourism entrepreneurs and companies operating in the Special Protected Area of Pico da Vara, where the only population of the Azores Bullfinch – one of Europe’s rarest birds – lives.

Among the companies are travel agencies, tourist accommodation companies, restaurants, crafts and entertainment. The companies plan to develop activities aiming at the promotion of nature conservation and sustainable tourism.

The Priolo brand was established under the LIFE Sustainable Laurel Forest Project and the LIFE Priolo Project, both led by SPEA (BirdLife in Portugal) in partnership with the Regional Government of the Azores. Companies will be able to use the brand, enhancing environmental, economic and social benefits of protected areas. The Lands of Priolo website provides information about its natural values and cultural activities available to visitors as well as accommodation and restaurants. This site is currently available in Portuguese, but an English version is coming soon.

The brand has been certified by The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, which is a tool designed, evaluated and certified by EUROPARC Federation aiming to promote the development of sustainable tourism in protected areas. It has been awarded so far to 107 protected areas in 13 European countries.
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