Recent updates


25 January 2017

Today's News

It is now possible to update your preferences for our sightings page so that it shows only the current day's news. To update your preferences, either tick the box next to 'Today's sightings' in the Search Options box and click the orange Apply button (see below), or make the change at the Update My Preferences page.


20 January 2017

Long Stayers

This popular function from the old BirdGuides website has now been revamped and can be accessed at

The page now provides details on all birds that are or have been present in the past 24 hours, are significant rarities (classed as BirdGuides rarity level of scarce or rarer) and were first reported at least a day ago. Longest stayers appear in descending order, with the longest staying rarities appearing first. There is also a map view at the bottom of the page, which allows users to easily visualise the whereabouts of each listed long stayer.


15 November 2017

Taxa names are now clickable in news stories and articles, with these linking directly to the taxon's page in our Species Guide.


13 November 2017

We have published a step-by-step guide to using the 'Nearby' function on the sightings page. You can read it at


15 October 2017

BirdMap update

We have updated the BirdMap coding so that rarer reports now overlay commoner reports, meaning that they do not become 'lost' among the mass of reports when the map is viewed at a higher scale.


27 September 2017

Multiple destination addresses for Email Alerts

It is now possible to specify up to two email addresses on which you would like to receive Email Alerts. To add these, click on the grey 'Settings' button located to the right of the orange 'Create New Alert' buttons at


'Nearby' function added to sightings page

It is now possible to add 'nearby' locations to tailor the sightings page even more specifically to your requirements.

Map bug fix

Some users were reporting that maps associated with sighting reports were showing wayward markers in incorrect locations. The bug was identified and has been fixed; now pins should display at the correct locations for all users. Please email us if you are still encountering issues with wayward map pins.


14 September 2017

Revised sightings panel

The Search panel has been revised, with improved search functionality. You can now:

  • Update your Preferences, such as 'Use My Filters', 'Hide Map' and 'Collapse[/expand] Panel' with just two clicks.
  • Search by a specific month in any year, or search for keywords in the notes of sighting reports.

Furthermore, the BirdMap has been updated to aid visually impaired users. Each pin on the map is now represented by either M, R, S, L, C and U (Mega, Rare, Scarce, Local, Common and Ungraded reports respectively) as well as the existing colours.


22 August 2017

Simplified image uploads

Our technical team continues to work on enhancements to the website. Many of those in the past week relate to our internal admin systems, helping us to get the news out more efficiently and keep other areas of the site up to date, but one important fix relates to the focus of last week’s ‘Site Tips and Tricks’, Galleries.

When using the photo uploader, after your first image has been submitted it’s now possible to upload subsequent images using all the same details – everything from species name, date and location to equipment and your name will be auto-filled in the submission form, making it a simple and much more rapid process to upload multiple images of the same bird taken at the same time. This improvement was requested by some of our many regular contributors, and will allow everyone to get more of their images up onto the site in significantly less time than previously. To see what’s been uploaded in the BirdGuides community recently, click the following links to our Birds, Butterflies & Moths and Dragonflies & Damselflies Galleries.


21 August 2017

'Nearby' function on app

The Nearby function app function on the BirdGuides app now uses your location to return reports within a 40 km radius of your position over the past seven days [previously three days].