Januarys's photo challenge: the winning shot

Theme: Snow Bunting

January photo challenge winner - Snow BuntingWell this was a popular challenge, with lots of excellent entries received. Snow Bunting is clearly a favourite subject among Birdwatch readers. There were plenty of very nice portraits in a mix of plumages and ages, on various perches and in different surroundings, but there was only one shot that I would describe as very hard to take, and that had to be my winner this month.

Debbie Johnston has managed to take an excellent flight shot. The bird is sharp with good eye contact, set off by a nice blue sky background. The photo stood out from the rest for its degree of difficulty and represents just what I look for in a winner.

Congratulations to Debbie, who wins a copy of A Sweet, Wild Note by Richard Smyth. Steve Young

The winner was also announced in our March issue, where you can find details of this month's challenge.