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BWPi is no longer available for purchase in DVD-ROM form. For technical support on this product, email .

the interactive version of
Birds of the Western Palearctic
on DVD-ROM for Windows and Mac OSX

"...the ultimate birding resource..." (Birding World)
"...Damn it! I am impressed! This is a terrific product and deserves to be a success..." (www.fatbirder.com www.fatbirder.com)
"...taken as a whole, the package is excellent value for money..." (Birdwatch)
"...brilliant for both the armchair birdwatcher and the travelling birder..." (New Scientist)
"I use it all the time and tell everyone how good it is. It's easily the best-value buy I've made for years. Excellent." (Lars Svensson, Collins Bird Guide).
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Version 2.0 provides:
  • Compatibility with Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • The ability to add your own assets
  • All BWP Update journal content included
  • 700 extra video clips
  • 75 new species accounts
  • New and updated population and distribution data

BirdGuides and Oxford University Press have combined their resources to give you one great DVD-ROM that offers all of the following at the click of a mouse!

  • The entire text of The Handbook of the Birds of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East (the complete 9-volume set, known as BWP).
  • All the text, maps and artwork (including all the new species illustrations) from the Concise Birds of the Western Palearctic (the 2-volume set, known as Concise BWP).
  • 75 comprehensively revised species accounts from the journal BWP Update.
  • Over 2000 high quality video clips (more than 10 hours running time) from the extensive BirdGuides archive.
  • A completely upgraded version of BirdGuides' award-winning software offering many new features and redesigned to take advantage of modern high-resolution displays.
  • species names accessible in 14 languages including scientific nomenclature.

BWPi 2.0 offers:


BWPi contains 6 million words published in BWP and Concise BWP including 75 extensively revised species accounts from the authoritative journal BWP Update, with new material for split species such as Western and Eastern Olivaceous Warbler.

The ULTIMATE artwork

Over 5600 illustrations of over 900 species, showing birds at rest and in flight and in various plumages, accurately painted by some of the world's best artists including Ian Lewington, Chris Rose and Alan Harris. Every illustration has been individually isolated and captioned so you can see more clearly than ever before which species and which plumage is being shown. There are also specially created annotations to point out how to identify a bird and how to determine its age, sex or race. These can be shown or hidden as desired.

The ULTIMATE video collection

The video clips presented here are a significant upgrade on those previously available in BirdGuides DVD-ROM Guide to All the Birds of Europe. BWPi not only has more videos of more species, but the quality of reproduction has in many cases been improved by taking advantage of the latest technology. Videos represent the next-best-thing to actually seeing the bird in the wild and BWPi will allow you to 'watch' over 650 species. There are over 2000 clips on the DVD with a combined running time of 10 hours!

You can expand any video clip to the size of your choice, watch them again and again and view the footage frame-by-frame to study details of plumage or behaviour. Multiple videos can be played simultaneously side-by-side.

The ULTIMATE sound collection

The sound recordings gathered on BWPi provide an even more complete collection of bird sounds, covering over 580 species. There are also some extra species in which the video clip includes the sound of the bird singing or calling; this brings the total number of species with sounds to over 600.

The ULTIMATE format

Based on a completely new version of BirdGuides' award-winning software, BWPi will enable you to view any image at any size and to compare side-by-side any selection of images or video. The new software takes full advantage of today's high resolution displays including support for multiple monitors. It is fully cross-platform, running under Apple Macintosh OSX as well as Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Version 7.

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