Species profiles

There could be as many as 35 crossbill species, and most Shore Larks are found anywhere but on the beach. Take an indepth look at these and many more species.

Focus On Mediterranean Gulls

Focus On: Mediterranean Gulls

Although not a rarity, a summer-plumaged Mediterranean Gull is a match in looks for any of the rare gulls to occur in Britain and Ireland....


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Focus On Porcelain prize

Focus On: Smew

A superb prize for wildfowl-watchers on their patch, the beautiful Smew can easily brighten up a cold winter's day. Find out where to see...


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Focus On Spotted Crake

Focus On: Spotted Crake

A secretive and generally elusive species, Spotted Crakes are amongst many birders' favourites. Find out where to maximise your chances of...


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