Photo of the Week: 4-10 November 2020


Red-necked Phalarope by Tate Lloyd



Tate Lloyd has shared many wonderful images in the BirdGuides gallery in recent times, and in particular has been producing some brilliant wader shots from his local beach. It was no surprise, then, to see that he had made the most of a confiding Red-necked Phalarope when it turned up locally to him in Glamorgan last week!

There is a delightful simplicity to this image. Calm conditions have created a millpond-like surface on the phalarope's chosen pool – always an effective element in photography – which allows the rich orange-brown colours of autumn to be reflected off the water surface and, in conjunction with the 'golden hour' light conditions, given this image a captivating seasonal hue.

Phalaropes are always busy creatures, so Tate has done well to freeze the bird in a reflective pose and, in conjunction with image composition and light conditions, this has made for a very worthy winner. Well done, Tate!


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Written by: BirdGuides