Photo of the Week: 30 September-6 October 2020


Cetti's Warbler by Tony Flashman



There were some excellent shots uploaded to the BirdGuides galleries over the past seven days, including many of the blockbuster rarities that have appeared recently; several images would have proven clear-cut winners in another week. But, for its simplicity and pristine appearance, this week's outstanding image has to be Tony Flashman's Cetti's Warbler.

Cetti's Warblers are often highly elusive, skulking in reeds and thickets and thus usually prove hard to see well, let alone photograph. The occasional individual proves the exception, though, and Tony has made the most of such a bird here by nailing a beautiful portrait. The diffuse olives and browns of the background not only compliment the bird, but the light as well.

We express a big thanks to all our contributors for their uploads; each Wednesday we look forward to going through the latest photos.


Other notable images

Red-flanked Bluetail, Holy Island, Northumberland (Sam Northwood).

Hoopoe, Collingham, West Yorkshire (Peter Garrity).

Common Buzzard, St Aidan's RSPB (Swillington Ings), West Yorkshire (Steve Cribbin).

Red-breasted Flycatcher, Newton Pool, Northumberland (Gary Woodburn).

Ring-necked Parakeet, Richmond Park, London (Clive Daelman).

Purple Sandpiper, Titchwell RSPB, Norfolk (Les Bunyan).

Lanceolated Warbler, Sumburgh, Mainland, Shetland (Simon Colenutt).

Steppe Grey Shrike, Benacre, Suffolk (John Richardson).