Photo of the Week: 18-24 October 2021


Short-eared Owl by Jeremy McClements



Short-eared Owl ranks as one of the most-photographed birds by BirdGuides contributors, with almost 4,500 images of the species uploaded to our gallery to date. It goes without saying, then, that it takes a truly special shot to stand out from the crowd. Normally such images might involve unusual poses or flight shots, particularly special light conditions or settings.

However, this excellent portrait by Jeremy McClements goes to show that sometimes a classic perched shot can be supremely effective when executed well. The owl has been framed in the perfect pose, with the bird clearly alert as it listens out for prey, as it sits atop the post along a barbed wire fence. Neutral light has brought out the detail in the owl's plumage brilliantly, with the slightly warm glow to the image cast making for a most appeasing colour palette. Well done to Jeremy on this excellent shot! 


Other notable images


Two-barred Warbler, Spurn YWT, East Yorkshire (David Carr).

Shore Lark, Landguard NR, Suffolk (Neil Loverock).

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Cape Robin-Chat, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Western Cape (Neil Hughes).

Bearded Tit, Westhay Moor NNR, Somerset & Bristol (Carl Bovis).

Northern Gannet, Portrush, Antrim (Ian Dickey).

American Golden Plover, Omey Island/Strand, Galway (Dan Owen).

Ruddy Turnstone, Burghead, Moray & Nairn (Colin Leslie).

Eurasian Woodcock, Fair Isle, Shetland (Daniel Gornall).

Peregrine Falcon, Durlston CP, Dorset (Mark Wright).

Common Buzzard, Wiltshire, Britain (Geoff Snowball).