Photo of the Week: 18-24 November 2020


Purple Sandpiper by Damian Money



This week's winning image, taken in Cleveland by Damien Money, perfectly captures a Purple Sandpiper along the shoreline. Taken in pristine light, the image exposes the species' jizz superbly: a plump body, sooty-grey winter plumage and orangey tones to the bare parts. The close-up encounter means the rusty-red and purple sheen to the upperpart feathers is visible (giving the bird its English name), along with a lack of priminent white fringing on the covers, which point towards an adult bird.

Purple Sandpiper is a classic British winter species, rarely encountered at other times of the year, and often favouring particular local sites. Probing along rocky patches of coast is where you'll most often see them and, with the surf running over this bird's legs, you almost feel like you are there watching it. Congratulations to Damian on a wonderful and seasonal photo!


Other notable images


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Desert Wheatear, Gramborough Hill, Norfolk (Keith Bilverstone).

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Little Bunting, Langford Lowfields RSPB, Nottinghamshire (Paul Coombes).

Red-throated Diver, Ferrybridge, Dorset (John Wall).

Snow Bunting, Cley Marshes NWT, Norfolk (Nick Appleton).

Written by: BirdGuides