Photo of the Week: 16-22 May 2022


Tree Sparrows by Peter Miles



Tree Sparrow is one of those birds that many of us see not nearly enough of these days, with local extinctions and steep declines being the story of its recent history across the UK. Peter Miles, however, is fortunate to still have a colony of this charming species at one of his local sites and often shares images of them in the BirdGuides gallery.

This delightfulshot of an adult and recently fledged juvenile together might just be Peter's best yet. The adult has been caught in a perfect pose, with the longing gaze and submissive stance from its offspring making for a truly engaging and worthy Photo of the Week winner. Well done to Peter!


Other notable images


Mandarin Duck, Richmond Park, London (Clive Daelman).

Great Crested Grebe, Arrow Valley Lake, Worcestershire (Christopher Farman).

Northern Gannet, Bempton Cliffs RSPB, East Yorkshire (Neil Loverock).

Sanderling, Hoylake, Cheshire (Pierre Montieth).

Ruff, Britain (Dean Eades).

Common Cuckoo, undisclosed site, Antrim (Jonathan Rosborough).

Grey-headed Wagtail, Happisburgh, Norfolk (Keith Bilverstone).

Dipper, Sheffield, South Yorkshire (Carl Corbidge).

Spotted Flycatcher, Fair Isle, Shetland (Alex Penn).

Red-spotted Bluethroat, East Haven, Angus & Dundee (Alex Shepherd).

Mistle Thrush, Winchester, Hampshire (Ian Wells).

Spotted Towhee, Los Angeles, California (Alexander Viduetsky).

Sedge Warbler, Burnham Norton, Norfolk (Simon Richardson).

Written by: BirdGuides