Massacre on Migration: Chris Packham in Malta, episodes one and two


Naturalist and BBC presenter Chris Packham is visiting Malta with a film crew for a week on a self-funded trip to document the infamous illegal spring massacre of migrant birds on the island, as well as interviewing local conservationists, members of the public (who are mostly against the hunting) and also the shooters who take part. He says he was dismayed at the lack of attention the clearly newsworthy story was getting from the media, and the slow progress that conservation organisations seem to be making in stopping the slaughter. Deciding to use his high profile to do something about it himself, he flew out to Malta last Thursday to begin researching and filming with a three-person crew, and immediately began uncovering bird corpses and finding booby traps left for anti-hunt campaigners' vehicles. More on the mission can be found here.

You can watch the first two of Chris' video diaries below. Episode 1:

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Episode 2:

You can follow Chris' progress in Malta via Twitter (@ChrisGPackham), while there is plenty more information on Chris' website www.chrispackham.co.uk.

Written by: Chris Packham