March special offer


This month, if you buy BWPi with the supplementary disk, BWPi 2006, you could get one of 16 books that we are giving away. The full list of titles is given below but please note that we only have one copy of each title – when they're gone, they're gone.

  • Shorebirds of North America by Dennis Paulson
    A photographic guide to wader ID, covering most species on this side of the Atlantic too
  • Birding with Bill Oddie
    Bill's user-friendly introduction to birding
  • Where to Watch Birds in Scotland by Mike Madders
    If you go birding in Scotland you'll need this
  • Where to Watch Birds in Somerset, Gloucester and Wiltshire by Hall and Govet
    Another guide in this classic series
  • The Gyr Falcon by Potapov and Sale
    The definitive guide to the most romanticised raptor in the world
  • Birds New to Britain by Pitches and Cleves
    The ultimate compendium of birder's tales – the stories behind all those firsts for Britain
  • Bird Brain of Britain by Gallimore and Appleton
    Hundreds of questions and, thankfully, answers about birds and birding
  • Thrushes by Peter Clement
    A monograph of the thrushes of the world, including gorgeous paintings by Ren Hathway
  • Discovering Birds by Rob Hume
    A guide to what birds to expect in which habitats

This offer is not available online so, to claim your free book, call Andy on 01909 560992, place your order for both BWPi and BWPi 2006 and let him know which book you'd like. If it's already gone, you'll need to pick one of the others (remember we only have one of each).

Meanwhile, remember that by getting both BWPi and BWPi 2006, you will be able to have all 9 volumes of BWP, both volumes of Concise BWP, all 6 volumes of BWP Update, with updated population details and thousands of video clips and sound recordings all instantly accessible on your computer. For further details go to www.birdguides.com/bwpi