Kingsyard nest boxes



Providing nest boxes for birds is something that a huge number of people across almost all continents take great pleasure in. In turn, the birds are very happy to make use of the designer residences that are provided, in order to raise chicks and use as roost sites. In the United States, any prospective box-nesting bird could do worse than consider utilising the boxes provided by Kingsyard. Their bluebird, wren and chickadee houses come in a range of styles and are made from tough recycled plastic or wood. They are very solidly constructed and feature predator guards, an inbuilt metal tray to improve internal ventilation and aid cleaning, and secure access panels. They come in a range of colours and are well made and very durable with a selection of different fixing and hanging methods available.


Wrens are very adaptable and will nest in a variety of places. Providing a secure roost site may result in several wrens using the same box at the same time throughout the winter period.


The designer range will appeal to the more humorous bird lover, but will still be used and appreciated by various hole nesting species. Constructed with the same solid specifications, any boxes from the range will provide hours of enjoyment and help to conserve our precious wildlife.

To see the full range of options, visit the Kingsyard website: www.kingsyard.com/bird-houses.