Kingsyard feeders



Providing a steady supply of food for the birds that visit gardens to take advantage of our generosity provides many hours of pleasure for us and a sometimes essential source of energy for them. The variation in feed types is wide and so are the various designs of feeders that we use to deliver it. In the USA, the range of species that will use these different feeders is huge.

All tastes are catered for by Kingsyard, who have a veritable host of different specialist designs, colours and materials to choose from. For those fortunate enough to have hummingbirds in the area, fitting a specialist hummingbird feeder to the window will provide hours of entertainment, and vital fuel for this constantly active family of birds.

Featuring four flower-shaped feeding ports, several colours are available and it is easily accessable for refilling and cleaning. Full details here: www.kingsyard.com/kingsyard-window-hummingbird-feeder-with-4-feeding-ports-kybf142cp-us.html

Tubular Niger seed feeders for American Goldfinch and other Niger lovers have a high capacity and are designed to keep the seed dry and accessible: www.kingsyard.com/kingsyard-metal-tube-bird-feeder-kybf147cp-us.html.

A solid board fruit feeder comes with a hanging attachment and is designed to attract orioles and other fans of citrus treats: www.kingsyard.com/kingsyard-oriole-bird-feeders-kybf113cp-us.html

Other options include tray feeders, suet feeders (for woodpeckers and chickadees) and designs that allow for up to three different mixes to be provided at  the same time: www.kingsyard.com/kingsyard-bird-feeder-house-for-outside-kybf103cp-us.html

If you love to watch the birds in your yard and want to provide a feeding station, Kingsyard has the equipment you need. Click here to see the different possibilities: www.kingsyard.com/bird-feeders