Is that a female American Wigeon or a hybrid? American Golden Plover or the rarer Pacific? Some of birding's best-known ID experts provide the answers to these and many more identification conundrums.

July ID tips: juvenile chats

July ID tips: juvenile chats

At this time of year juvenile birds will be taking their first flights from their nests. These youngsters lack the distinctive plumage of...


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Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull (Galicia, Spain, 18 August 2010). Photo by Lmbuga (

Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull

While identifying adult large gulls is often relatively straightforward, young birds are always more of a challenge. Keith Vinicombe points...


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Willow Tit.

Marsh and Willow Tits

Keith Vinicombe tackles the long-standing confusion surrounding two declining species, Marsh and Willow Tits. Once regarded as the same...


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Twites can appear more colourful than Linnets. Photo: Steve Young (

Linnet and Twite

When male Linnet loses its summer plumage it becomes another small brown finch, and is less easily separated from Twite. Keith Vinicombe...


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