Is that a female American Wigeon or a hybrid? American Golden Plover or the rarer Pacific? Some of birding's best-known ID experts provide the answers to these and many more identification conundrums.

Honey Buzzard. Photo by Dominic Mitchell (

May ID tips: Honey Buzzard

May is a good month for Honey Buzzard, but this rare British breeding raptor isn't easy to see and unfamiliarity with the species can lead...


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Woodlark is a great March find among a flock of its commoner congener, Skylark. Photo by Steve Young (

March ID tips: Woodlark

Larks are on the move this month, and Skylark flocks could hold the odd Woodlark. David Callahan provides tips on how to identify the...


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Twite ID tips.

February ID tips: Twite

Finches will be on the move this month, so now is the time to look out for Twite. Make sure you can separate the species from the similar...


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