Species profiles

There could be as many as 35 crossbill species, and most Shore Larks are found anywhere but on the beach. Take an indepth look at these and many more species.

Grey Phalarope by Steve Young

Grey Phalarope

The most Arctic of the phalaropes, this delightful bird is rarely seen in its breeding finery, and occurs more as a pelagic wanderer after...


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European Nightjar by Chris Harbard

European Nightjar

June is prime time to catch up with the ghostly and fascinating European Nightjar. Chris Harbard looks at the life and times of this...


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Focus On Lurking Lanceys

Focus On: lurking 'Lanceys'

'Lancey' – uttering that simple slang word will, for most observers, take their mind wandering straight to Fair Isle, Shetland. Find out...


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Focus On Barred Warbler

Focus On: Barred Warbler

Barred Warbler or Garden Warbler: how do you tell the difference when faced with one in front of you on a coastal headland? Find out how...


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Focus On Gorgeous Godwits

Focus On: gorgeous godwits

For many birdwatchers, godwits are a favourite genus of waders – but how do you tell them apart? Find out with our latest illustrated ID...


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