General birding

Covering everything from birding by public transport to those species found the London area, you'll find information on just about every bird-related topic under the sun.

Exploring sites: Kenfig NNR

Though Glamorgan's premier reserve is home to a great range of rare and unusual wildlife, this treasured site nonetheless faces an...


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The biggest winter day

When Nigel Jones and his crew set off early on New Year's Day for their annual Hampshire bird race, little did they know a possible...


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Pied Crow: wild or escape?

Sam Viles takes a look at historical records of Pied Crow around the Western Palearctic and assesses whether the wide-ranging 2018 bird has...


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Autumn 2018 on Corvo

Peter Alfrey reports back on another phenomenal autumn for Nearctic and Palearctic vagrants on the magical Azorean island.


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The magic of patching

With the year winding down to a close, the discovery of a county mega showed Matt Phelps that patch birding can always deliver surprises,...


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