British Birds: A new BBRC member, and a new Chairman


The British Birds Rarities Committee (BBRC) was formed in 1959, and is the official adjudicator of rare bird records in Britain. It has 10 voting members who are democratically elected by birders' representatives in each county and serve for a fixed term.

BBRC has announced that Paul French has been elected unopposed as the new voting member following a recent call for nominations. The vacancy has arisen with the elevation of Adam Rowlands to Chairman. Paul's experience is extensive both in the UK and abroad, with a host of high-quality (and difficult) rarity finds to his name. BBRC looks forward to welcoming another exceptionally talented member to contribute to national record assessment.

Paul French

Adam Rowlands
To find out more about BBRC, please see http://www.bbrc.org.uk/.
Written by: Jimmy Steele, on behalf of BBRC