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Thursday 27th April 2017

Research Record breeding season for the endangered Bermuda Petrel
One of the world’s most threatened seabirds is breeding in increasing numbers on an offshore island used to translocate birds from other more vulnerable locations. Link read on
Rarity finders Hermit Thrush on Noss
Craig Nisbet, Reserve Warden at Scottish Natural Heritage, clapped his hands in a Shetland island geo and flushed a mega Yank thrush, which fortunately stayed for others to see. Link read on
RSPB Concerns voiced over Highland housing development
The wildlife charity has asked for reassurance that new housing won’t negatively impact on the Cairngorms population of Capercaillie. Link read on
This week at a glance...
Latest rarities
27/04 08:12 Savi's Warbler Norfolk
26/04 22:22 Long-billed Dowitcher Down
26/04 20:42 Bonaparte's Gull Hants
26/04 20:09 Little Bittern Scilly
26/04 19:10 Bonaparte's Gull Essex
26/04 15:51 Bonaparte's Gull Dorset
26/04 14:29 Gull-billed Tern Cork
26/04 14:17 Bonaparte's Gull Oxon
26/04 10:12 Two-barred Crossbill Somerset
26/04 09:17 Tawny Pipit W Sussex
Latest sightings Latest sightings
Latest Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 26th April 2017 Wednesday 26th April 2017
Photo of the Week Rosette
Photo of the WeekLink Green Woodpecker
Link Brynmawr, Gwent
Mike Warburton, 17/04/17
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Bird of the Week
Link Hermit Thrush at Isle of Noss (Shetland)
Featured Site
Link St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly
ThumbnailReview of the Week
19–25 April
A quite chilly week nonetheless produced some decent birds, as you'd expect during the peak weeks of spring migration.
Link read on
ThumbnailFeatured Tours
In partnership with Birdwatch magazine and specialist tour operators, we offer an exclusive programme of birding holidays.
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Recent articles...
Rarity finders American Herring Gull in Suffolk
ThumbnailPete Wilson's diversion via a local Suffolk pig farm paid off when a rare Nearctic gull emerged from the throng. Link read on
Massacre on Migration Chris Packham found not guilty after Malta trial
ThumbnailTV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham was arrested in Malta following an incident with suspected wildlife criminals, but protested his innocence and was acquitted of all charges. Link read on
Research Time-lapse cameras provide insight into penguin winter behaviour
ThumbnailA new study published in The Auk used a unique approach to gain new insights into Gentoo Penguins. Link read on
More articles...
Link Six-year-old raises AU$1,000 for endangered Australian parrot
Link BTO Citizen scientists needed
Link Research Promiscuity slows down the evolution of new species
Link BTO Thrushes prosper in British gardens
Link RSPB Appeal for information after Red Kite found shot in Bedfordshire

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