Brown Booby in County Cork


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Ciaran Cronin had a bit of a shock while walking along the beach at Owenahincha, Co Cork, on Saturday 2 January when a tideline corpse transpired to be an adult Brown Booby. Ciaran takes up the story:

Well there's a start to 2016 — I don't know whether to laugh or cry! While out with the family on the local beach, I was searching for dead birds when my wife Abigail brought my attention to a corpse. It immediately struck me as being a booby and I spent a while trying to talk myself out of it. But no, it turned out to be a Brown Booby — the closest I've been to a national first! Sadly to be consigned to Category D, but I'm strangely chuffed all the same. The bird appears to be an adult female.
It's noteworthy as a coincidence that this is more or less the same place as held the recent American Bittern. Not connected obviously, but still quite interesting!

Brown Booby, Owenahincha, Co Cork, 2 January 2016 (Photos: Ciaran Cronin)

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Yes good pic I think you could do with getting some local people to help clean up the beech its discussing.nasty humans looks like an invoiramental disaster zone.
   Mark Turton, 04/01/16 17:16Report inappropriate post Report 
Here,here Mark, just go to show what a load of plastic & other junk there is in the seas:& this just a tiny example ;
   Adrian, 05/01/16 12:15Report inappropriate post Report 

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