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BirdGuides app
The BirdGuides app is now available for Android devices, giving Android users instant access to all of our recent bird news and gallery images. Just like Bird News Extra and the iPhone app, it also allows you to set up custom bird news filters on a county, region, national and species-specific basis. It also includes a handy "nearby" function to allow easy access to the bird news in your immediate vicinity.

On opening the app, you'll be asked to sign in or register. Sign in using the email address and password that you currently use for your existing BirdGuides account; if you do not have a BirdGuides account, registration is free and requires nothing more than a name, email address and password. Once you have signed in/registered in the app, the app homepage will be displayed showing the most recent news and gallery images.

Accessing the news

To view a list of all the recent news, tap the "All" bar. A full list of all recent news is now displayed. To access details for a particular sighting, tap once on the report. County and the date/time of the sighting will be displayed for all users; to access specific site details and notes relating to the sighting, a Bird News Anywhere subscription is required. Existing Bird News Anywhere subscribers, once signed in, will automatically be able to access these details. For those who do not currently subscribe to a BirdGuides news service, an annual Bird News Anywhere subscription can be purchased for £40. A Bird News Anywhere subscription can be purchased online at http://www.birdguides.com/estore/p-810-birdguides-bird-news-services.aspx.

If you already subscribe to one or more of the BirdGuides news services, a Bird News Anywhere subscription can be added to your current subscription for the bargain price of £10. To add Bird News Anywhere to your current BirdGuides subscription, call 0800 919391 during office hours.

Tapping the "Filtered" button (subscribers only) will bring up a list of recent news based on your personal filters. To edit your filters, tap the device menu button. Tap Filters and edit, add or delete accordingly. Filters can also be edited online.

To find out what birds have been seen near you, tap the "Nearby" button. You will need to have Location Services active on your device to run Nearby news — either accept the message that should appear in your device the first time Nearby is used, or edit the Location Services in your device Settings.

On all three sightings pages, tapping the circular arrow button in the top right will refresh the news (or, if you prefer, use the "pull down" gesture).

Reporting your news

If you are lucky enough to come across a bird that you think should be on our news service, or if you would like to give an update on a sighting already featured, you can report your sighting via the app (registered users only). Tap the eye button in the top right. Species, date & time and location are all required; and either species count or details needs to be completed before the record can be submitted. The date and time automatically defaults to the current time, but you can manually alter these.

Records submitted using the BirdGuides app are shared with the BTO. If you have made an observation that may not warrant reporting on our bird news service (generally an observation of a common breeding or wintering species), we recommend submitting your sighting directly to BirdTrack.

The Gallery

From the app home page, clicking on the "Gallery" bar takes you to a gallery of our most recently uploaded photographs. Tapping once on brings up a larger image. You can swipe left/right through the larger images. Double-tapping on a larger image zooms in/out; single-tapping hides/shows details; tapping the information icon in the bottom left of the text panel displays further photograph details, where available. To return to the previous screen, tap Back.

You can download the app for free on the Google Play app store.

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The information in this article was believed correct at the time of writing. BirdGuides accepts no responsibility for errors, or for any consequences of acting on information in the article. The opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily shared by BirdGuides Ltd.

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Well done guys, downloaded and had a quick play. Looks great!
   Chris Seaton, 16/08/12 14:05Report inappropriate post Report 
Downloaded it but can't open the reports. Does it work with Jelly Bean?
   Sue Leyland, 16/08/12 14:50Report inappropriate post Report 
I like the look of the AP but can't log into my account just at the moment.
   Owen Watson, 16/08/12 16:28Report inappropriate post Report 
Looking good
   Dean Eades, 16/08/12 16:45Report inappropriate post Report 
#2 Sue: I'll try to find out from the developer for you.
#3 Owen: without an error message it's difficult to diagnose, but you don't appear to have a Bird News Anywhere subscription (which is required if you want to use the Pro features of the app). Free trials of Bird News Anywhere are available from www.birdguides.com/trial, or email me at webmaster@birdguides.com with further details if you want more information. Are you definitely using the same registration address and password as you do on the BirdGuides website?
   Dave Dunford (admin), 16/08/12 17:24
I emailed Birdguides about not being able to open the reports and the reply suggested I needed to tap slowly and hold my finger down momentarily. This works! However, I still can't zoom the pictures in the gallery.
   Sue Leyland, 16/08/12 18:30Report inappropriate post Report 
Works Fine on Samsung Galaxy S2
   MTR, 16/08/12 20:35Report inappropriate post Report 
Sadly does not even open on my nexus 7. Just comes up with a message saying the application has stopped. What a shame. I hope that the developers can sort it out.
   Jim Barton, 16/08/12 21:45Report inappropriate post Report 
Is it possible to set up a similar app using Samsung's Bada system?
   Derek Johnston, 16/08/12 22:31Report inappropriate post Report 
All still looks good on my Galaxy S2
   Chris Seaton, 17/08/12 05:31Report inappropriate post Report 
I am getting the message: Sorry... Could not log you in. More details are given below. Your account details could not be confirmed with the BirdGuides servers. Please review your network settings and then press the Back button and retry. I have given it another go this morning, and can log into the website via a browser session as normal.
   Owen Watson, 17/08/12 09:41Report inappropriate post Report 
Looks good and no issues observed. I like the sightings report function. It would be nice to have the option to enable/disable the view of the gallery when starting the app and also to select which category to view (i.e. all photos, scarce/rare only).
   Gerald, 17/08/12 09:54Report inappropriate post Report 
Hi David-same problem as Owen; I cannot log on with my user name and password. I have checked them against the login site on the computer and that seems fine. Once I can get it to work I will be happy!!
   Andy J. B. Lester, 17/08/12 10:23Report inappropriate post Report 
The app installs fine but i cant sign in as i get a message saying " my account details cant be confirmed with the birdguides server please review your network settings" and there isnt an option to register , im using a galaxy s2 and this is really annoying as i have no problems with any of my other apps and i have 103 installed on my phone. :o(
   John Forbes, 17/08/12 18:07Report inappropriate post Report 
Please note that, at present, only Bird News Anywhere subscribers can log in to the Android app, though basic information is available without logging in. A month's subscription to Bird News Anywhere costs £5 (from www.birdguides.com/subscribe) or a one-off 7-day free trial is available from www.birdguides.com/trial. A new version of the app is in preparation and will be available in the coming days.
   Dave Dunford (admin), 17/08/12 18:19
I have a current subscription to birdnews anywhere but i still cant log in ????
   John Forbes, 17/08/12 18:48Report inappropriate post Report 
I stand corrected i have a current subscription to bird news extra not anytime , but surely i should be able to access the same info as the service i pay for provides on this app ??
   John Forbes, 17/08/12 18:51Report inappropriate post Report 
I'm afraid a Bird News Extra subscription does not include access to the Pro features of the iPhone or Android apps - BNE is strictly a browser-based web service.
   Dave Dunford (admin), 17/08/12 19:07
I have a Bird News Extra subscription but cannot log into the app on my HTC Desire. Otherwise it looks like a great app. I agree with one of the previous posters that I'm not that impressed having to pay an additional subscription for news that I can already view through my phone's web browser.
   Mike Taylor, 17/08/12 22:56Report inappropriate post Report 
Are there any plans to update this app so that it works on the nexus 7? Is it a jelly bean problem?
   Jim Barton, 17/08/12 23:01Report inappropriate post Report 
Jim, It works on my Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean.
   Sue Leyland, 17/08/12 23:04Report inappropriate post Report 
Thanks Sue. Just the nexus 7 then? I have reported the fault as that was one of the options on the pop up I mentioned in my earlier post.
   Jim Barton, 17/08/12 23:20Report inappropriate post Report 
I would echo Mikes comments. You can access Birdguides through the web browser anyway-so it seems strange charging a premium for the app. But I also note Dave's comments earlier which says a new version will be available. I presume that means free access for subscribers to BNE will arrive soon??
   Andy J. B. Lester, 18/08/12 09:19Report inappropriate post Report 
Works fine on Galaxy Mini - far too addictive. Some of the postings seem to be an hour in front of real time though.
   Gary Trew, 19/08/12 20:48Report inappropriate post Report 
Yes, all postings are strangely in WET. Is this some deal with the EU? Still love the app though. Finally you can find birds near where you really are...
   Chris Seaton, 19/08/12 23:11Report inappropriate post Report 
Just downloaded onto my Samsung Galaxy SII and it worked straightaway. Great app!
   Alf King, 20/08/12 11:27Report inappropriate post Report 
Looks good on my Galaxy SII. Same time error as Gary T - postings are timed one hour ahead. But, otherwise - Good Stuff!
   Ian W, 21/08/12 11:53Report inappropriate post Report 
We uploaded an update (v1.0.6) last night which fixes the time bug. Your version number can be found on the bottom of the settings page. Fixes for other issues are in the pipe-line.
   Fiona Barclay, 22/08/12 08:13Report inappropriate post Report 
The update downloaded automatically this morning, so times are now correct. Thank you. Fiona - is there likely to be an option to stay Logged In? At present I have to log in with my email address and password every day, or every time I switch my phone off.
   Sue Leyland, 22/08/12 14:33Report inappropriate post Report 
Sue it will remember your log in details so long as it is installed to the device's memory and not an SD card or similar.
   Fiona Barclay, 22/08/12 14:49Report inappropriate post Report 
Auto downloaded update - time issue fixed thank you. Think there may be a problem with the Gallery index. Don't get the correct picture.
   Gary Trew, 22/08/12 17:52Report inappropriate post Report 
Same thing as many, cant login using my Galaxy 1. Checked password in Firefox, OK there. From the postings above this looks like it's because I'm not a "Bird News Anywhere" subscriber? However I am a BNE plus email alert subscriber, thats £50 a year, quite enough. You need to think about that a bit I think..
   John Walshe, 23/08/12 14:30Report inappropriate post Report 
Time all sorted - thanks. Gallery?? When I pick the 1st picture I get the last one displayed; when I pick the 2nd one I get the penultimate picture; 3rd I get 3rd from last; etc. etc. and vice versa. Still a good app tho.
   Ian W, 24/08/12 11:09Report inappropriate post Report 
Ian - I get the same with the gallery. Fiona - the app's installed to my phone, not an SD card, but I still have to 'Add a New Account' every time I log in, if my phone's been switched off. If I've logged out, but haven't switched off my phone, my account (email address) is still there and I can tap it.
   Sue Leyland, 24/08/12 12:01Report inappropriate post Report 
The latest update (v1.0.7) fixes the gallery bug. Sue - I think your login problems must be something in your phone's settings. It remembers the login if it is installed to the phone by default.
   Fiona Barclay, 27/08/12 10:22Report inappropriate post Report 
Well done, Fiona. I appreciate your work on this. It was a longer wait than we Androids expected, but a good product has come out of it.
   Chris Seaton, 29/08/12 09:43Report inappropriate post Report 
V 1.0.9 is now available which fixes the Nexus 7 issues amongst other small bug fixes. For some reason I had to reinstall the app to get the update, but hopefully it should be straightforward for everyone else.
   Fiona Barclay, 29/08/12 09:55Report inappropriate post Report 
Just downloaded it onto my HTC.Didn't ask me to log in or register. Can get all reports but no "accounts" on menue to log in so I can put in my filters. Will stick to viewing on line on my phone.
   Stewart Jennings, 29/08/12 12:55Report inappropriate post Report 
I am delighted to report that the Nexus 7 version updated itself, and now shows sightings and photos. Thanks. A worthy addition to my tablet.
   Jim Barton, 29/08/12 17:36Report inappropriate post Report 
Hi Fiona, Thank you for your call back on the filters. I have another query - within the app you are given an option to delete a filter. For example if you have Midlands and Northwest filters and only want to see the Midlands you can delete the Northwest filter via the app and it dissapears from the list. However if you do this and select the filter option the deleted option is added back in as part of the sync process. Adding filters and editing filters via the app works ok, but you can't delete them via the app because they get added back in via the sync - in order to delete filters you have to login to birdguides and delete via the settings page. Can this please be looked into. Many Thanks, Andy
   Andy Hartley, 01/09/12 12:13Report inappropriate post Report 
is there no push notices for this app like the iphone fiona?
   Craig Shaw, 02/09/12 17:46Report inappropriate post Report 
Not yet. Hopefully in the near future.
   Fiona Barclay, 03/09/12 08:24Report inappropriate post Report 
thanks fiona
   Craig Shaw, 03/09/12 12:55Report inappropriate post Report 
Nice looking app, but I would just like to echo the sentiments above. As a BNE subscriber with an android phone I can browse/search the website from my phone at any time which is excellent. To use the app to get to the same information I need to increase my subscription to include an additional service (BNA) which then gives me access to the same information (or change to use the BNA service instead of BNE which then stops me getting to the website from my PC). I can understand the point of BNA from the days pre-android phones and pre-mobile internet, but given that this app is specifically for a phone which will have a web browser, I'm not really sure I understand business logic. Anyway, for those who only use BNA (or use everything) and have an android, enjoy!
   Ed Champness, 13/09/12 09:56Report inappropriate post Report 
I think your view is shared by everyone Ed-and I suspect (and hope) that Fiona and Daves comments would indicate that BNE subscribers will soon be able to access the full service. Lets hope so!!
   Andy J. B. Lester, 13/09/12 10:02Report inappropriate post Report 
Would it be possible to enhance the app to be able to install to the SD card? I have an HTC Desire and the app storage on the phone itself is quite limited, so I prefer to install apps to the SD card where possible.
   Mike Taylor, 13/09/12 10:16Report inappropriate post Report 
Having the same problem as Andy in that I can't delete filters from the App. The filters disappear from the screen when you confirm delete but the filters return immediately to their previous settings.
   Brendan Doe, 14/09/12 22:37Report inappropriate post Report 
I'm trying to use the app on a tablet that has only Wi-Fi and thus no phone number to input to use an Anywhere subscription. How can I use this app to it's full potential?
   Gill, 13/10/12 18:24Report inappropriate post Report 
Gill - simply put your current mobile number in and the app will work fine on the wifi tablet. We won't use it for anything else.
   Fiona Barclay, 20/10/12 14:22Report inappropriate post Report 
Thanks Fiona, I signed up for a free trial and got it going on my HP Touchpad with no problems. £40 is a bit much for me, but I may sign up for a month next time I go on holiday.
   Gill, 20/10/12 17:46Report inappropriate post Report 
It’s good to hear you are issuing apps on Android now but for me it’s rather too little too late. I’ve changed to Android from iPhone and you have rather ignored Android users until now. I will not be renewing my subscription because I can’t use your excellent Birds of Northern Europe on Android. I’m having to look elsewhere for bird apps. I appreciate that the best apps at the moment are for iPhone only (I don’t know why) but the attractions of Android devices and the limitations of iOS together outweigh the advantages of your excellent Apps. In time I fear you will lose out as Android gains momentum and more Android bird apps become available.
   Phil Wallace, 28/10/12 15:42Report inappropriate post Report 
Unfortunately, the app appears to be incompatible with my HTC Velocity 4G. I'm wondering whether it's a regional thing as I am in Australia. It looks a very nice app though looking at it on Google Play.
   Michael Haggar, 09/11/12 22:38Report inappropriate post Report 
Are there any plans for this to be made available to Nokia?
   Mr Lawton, 28/12/12 10:26Report inappropriate post Report 
I fear we have no plans to port the app to Symbian or Windows at the moment.
   Fiona Barclay, 31/12/12 11:02Report inappropriate post Report 
Great app and it works well on the Samsung Galaxy note2. I'm just hoping for the bird guides birds of britain app for android now. I was spoilt on my iPhone. Keep up the good work
   Delcan, 04/01/13 20:47Report inappropriate post Report 
I have the app on my Iphone if I go over to android phone do I have to purchase it again or can I transfer it?
   Brian Chard, 10/05/16 20:55Report inappropriate post Report 
Hi Brian. You can use the same subscription on both apps. Just download the Android app (which is free) and log in with your normal email and password - no additional purchase, subscription or transfer is necessary.
   BirdGuides Webmaster (admin), 10/05/16 22:21
Hi Thanks for reply, I have also have paid for the Birds of Northern Europe app can this also be transferred?
   Brian Chard, 11/05/16 14:03Report inappropriate post Report 
Hi again Brian - the Birds of Northern Europe app is now supplied and maintained by natureguides.com rather than birdguides.com anyway, but I'm afraid there's no Android version.
   BirdGuides Webmaster (admin), 11/05/16 14:20

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