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Today [26th March 2010] marks exactly one year since the untimely death of my husband, Bob Scott. Birders all over the world will remember Bob fondly for his enormous passion for birds and conservation. To commemorate Bob's life and to aid trans-Saharan migrants I'm launching a quiz that you can either download or order by post. The quiz is fun, aims to get you searching for answers and enjoying extending your knowledge. It covers many forms of natural history and has four excellent prizes for the winners.

We know that in recent years the number of returning migrants has started to dwindle dramatically and we were aware that actions on their breeding grounds may have caused declines. Research in Africa by the RSPB, BTO and BirdLife Partners have also shown worrying changes that, if left, will see the demise of our summer birds.

Acacia (Photo: Graham Hirons)

Bob's early death (70 is just too young when there is so much to do for conservation), his love for Africa, birds and migration, are all allowing us the opportunity to make of his loss a victory by way of resources for those birds.

Dune Sossusvlei (Photo: Graham Hirons)

Please help by donating or taking part. Raise awareness and encourage others to participate. Help us to ensure that our children and grandchildren will still see the magic that is bird migration and the birds that seem to bring summer on their wings. After all, do we not say, "One Swallow doth not a summer make".

To take part in the Quiz, or just to donate, please click on the "Donate" button. Once you've completed your donation, you'll be taken to a link that will download the quiz as a PDF (1MB) that you can print out. If you prefer you can get a paper copy by writing to:

BirdLife International
Wellbrook Court

Please enclose a 9"x6" stamped addressed envelope plus a donation. We suggest a minimum of £5 per copy but would welcome more, as all money raised will be used to assist birds in their wintering quarters south of the Sahara. The closing date for the quiz will be 30th September 2010. The prizewinners and answers will be available online at www.birdguides.com/bobscott on 30th October 2010. If you require written answers again please submit a stamped addressed envelope. Please do not send cash. Cheques should be made out to "BirdLife International (Bob Scott Appeal)".


The Brothers (Photo: Simon King)

To produce the quiz and to ensure that any money received is used in the best way possible to assist our migrant species, I have been assisted by BirdGuides, BirdLife International, The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and The World Land Trust (WLT). My thanks go to those organisations and to the various friends and past colleagues who have freely given of their time to assist me in making this tribute possible.

Giraffes near Halali (Photo: Graham Hirons)

You can read our previous article about Bob's life here.

The information in this article was believed correct at the time of writing. BirdGuides accepts no responsibility for errors, or for any consequences of acting on information in the article. The opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily shared by BirdGuides Ltd.

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Thank you for this Ann.
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