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Wednesday 22nd October 2014

RSPB Government urged to resist playing politics over winter flood measures
Potentially environmentally-damaging dredging must not be prioritised over other proven flood-prevention measures in this year’s Autumn Statement on 3 December 2014, say Blueprint for Water. Link read on
BirdLife Eurobirdwatch counts 2.5 million migrants
BirdLife's Eurobirdwatch 2014 event saw tens of thousands of Europeans count 2.5 million migratory birds earlier this month. Link read on
Poultry disease spreading to wild grouse
A parasitical disease normally found in domestic poultry is rapidly spreading to our native Red and Black Grouse populations. Link read on
This week at a glance...
Latest rarities
21/10 22:39 Olive-backed Pipit Shetland
21/10 18:44 Lesser Yellowlegs Cornwall
21/10 16:46 Swift sp. Cheshire
21/10 15:35 Semipalmated Sandpiper Devon
21/10 13:30 Booted Warbler Lothian
21/10 13:02 Siberian Stonechat Hants
21/10 12:56 Olive-backed Pipit Durham
21/10 11:22 Lesser Yellowlegs Dublin
21/10 10:01 Bridled Tern Cornwall
20/10 21:20 White-billed Diver Fife
Latest sightings Latest sightings

Latest Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 15th October 2014 Wednesday 15th October 2014

Photo of the Week Rosette
Photo of the WeekLink Siberian Rubythroat
Link Levenwick, Mainland, Shetland
Rebecca Nason, 08/10/14
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Link Latest pictures
Bird of the Week
Link Steppe Grey Shrike at Burnham Norton (Norfolk)
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Link St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly
ThumbnailReview of the Week 8–14 October
This week saw, perhaps, 'the end of the beginning', as late-autumn specialities started to appear among the roll-call of rarities. Link read on
Recent articles...
RSPB New report reveals scale of declines of UK migratory birds wintering in Africa
ThumbnailThe latest in the annual series of State of the UK's Birds reports makes for grim reading. Link read on
BirdLife Europe-wide anti-wildlife crime network launched
ThumbnailThe RSPB and SEO (BirdLife in Spain) have launched a 'European Network against Environmental Crimes', aiming to ensure that the 2008 EU Directive is complied with. Link read on
RSPB RSPB Scotland extremely concerned by consent for offshore windfarms
ThumbnailThe charity in Scotland has expressed major concerns about the granting of consent for four offshore windfarms in the Firth of Forth by Scottish ministers this week. Link read on
More articles...
Link Indian vultures begin recovery?
Link Spoonbill flock breaks British record
Link WWT Record numbers of Pink-feet at Lancashire WWT reserve
Link RSPB Scotland's new wildlife crime powers: an RSPB statement
Link Scottish Natural Heritage Bird shooting licences to be refused where crime is suspected

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