Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui)


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Mon 15/06/15
Butterfly Conservation: Painted Lady influx 'imminent'
Butterfly Conservation Painted Lady influx 'imminent'
The UK is braced for a once-in-a-decade influx of Painted Lady butterflies, with the potential for millions of the butterflies winging in from southern Europe as part of the longest butterfly migration in the world.  read on read on
Mon 22/10/12
Butterfly Conservation: Secrets of Painted Lady migration unveiled
Butterfly Conservation Secrets of Painted Lady migration unveiled
Scientists reveal the fascinating southward migration of the Painted Lady.  read on read on
Fri 24/07/09
Butterfly Conservation: A billion butterflies – but crisis remains
Butterfly Conservation A billion butterflies – but crisis remains
As British-born Painted Ladies start to swell numbers of butterflies on the wing, other species may not do so well.  read on read on
Thu 28/05/09
Butterfly Conservation: UK-wide count of Painted Ladies - 30th May 2009
Butterfly Conservation UK-wide count of Painted Ladies - 30th May 2009
Make the most of the weekend's excellent forecast and help count our winged invaders.  read on read on
Tue 26/05/09
Butterfly Conservation: The Lady's Not For Turning
Butterfly Conservation The Lady's Not For Turning
A spectacular arrival of butterflies from Africa is causing a flutter of excitement.  read on read on

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