Whimbrel (Numenius phaeopus)


En-usWhimbrel   CaPolit cantaire   DaLille Regnspove   DeRegenbrachvogel   EsZarapito trinador   Fipikkukuovi   FrCourlis corlieu   ItChiurlo piccolo   NlRegenwulp   NoSmåspove   PtMaçarico-galego   SvSmåspov   RuСредний кроншнеп

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Faroe Islands

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Wed 30/11/16  New content  
Research: Icelandic Whimbrels fly non-stop to and from Africa
Research Icelandic Whimbrels fly non-stop to and from Africa
A new study has found that Icelandic-breeding Whimbrels execute rapid non-stop migrations to and from their wintering grounds in West Africa.  read on read on
Fri 09/09/11
BOURC: Taxonomic recommendations for British birds: seventh report
BOURC Taxonomic recommendations for British birds: seventh report
Armchair ticks and genera changes from BOURC-TSC's latest report.  read on read on
Tue 21/09/10
BTO: New longevity records set
BTO New longevity records set
At 24 years old, a Shetland Whimbrel is now the world's oldest, with a Northumberland Arctic Tern also breaking the British longevity record at 30 years old.  read on read on
Fri 17/08/07
Whimbrel Satellite Tracking Update
Whimbrel Satellite Tracking Update
This year birds were again fitted with satellite transmitters at their important staging site in the Lower Derwent Valley in North Yorkshire. Find out more about the movements of 'Wallace', one of the birds that was caught.  read on read on
Wed 18/04/07
The Spring Passage of Whimbrels
The Spring Passage of Whimbrels
During April and May large numbers of Whimbrels migrate from their West African wintering grounds and pass through Europe.  read on read on
Tue 21/03/06
Colour-ringed, and satellite-tagged, Whimbrel
Colour-ringed, and satellite-tagged, Whimbrel
Last spring a Whimbrel was fitted with a satellite tag at the Wheldrake Ings staging site in North Yorkshire. 'Wally' has since wintered in West Africa and is due to depart the wintering area soon. Find out more about the satellite-tagging project.  read on read on
Wed 30/04/03 Webzine subscribers only
Whimbrel - The May Bird
Whimbrel - The May Bird
The spring Whimbrel roost at Wheldrake Ings in North Yorkshire has long been an exciting feature of the site. Local birder Dave Tate provides some background on staging sites for the species.  log in log in
Thu 04/07/02 Webzine subscribers only
Possible Hudsonian Whimbrel – Frodsham (Cheshire), 26th June 2002
Possible Hudsonian Whimbrel – Frodsham (Cheshire), 26th June 2002
The birder's motto should be 'always expect the unexpected', as Mike Anderson found out one evening in late June when he stumbled across a dark-rumped Whimbrel...  log in log in
Tue 23/04/02 Webzine subscribers only
Spring Whimbrel Roosts in Lancashire
Spring Whimbrel Roosts in Lancashire
A local perspective on this topical migrant by Blackpool birder Steve Dunstan  log in log in

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