Cerulean Warbler (Setophaga cerulea)


En-usCerulean Warbler   CaBosquerola blava   DaCyanblå Sanger   DePappelwaldsänger   EsDendroica cerulea   Filatvuskerttuli   FrParuline azurée   ItParula cerulea   NlAzuurzanger   NoAsurparula   PtMariquita-celeste   SvBlåvit skogssångare   RuГолубой лесной певун

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1st winter
1st winter

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High Island, United States
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High Island, United States
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Muyil, Mexico
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The Willows, Anuhuac Refuge, United States

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Wed 13/12/06
BirdLife "Tragedy" for Cerulean Warbler
The National Audubon Society (BirdLife in the U.S.) and 28 other organizations have expressed grave concerns over the future of the Cerulean Warbler.  read on read on

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