Razo Lark (Alauda razae)


En-usRaso Lark   CaAlosa de Razo   DaRazolærke   DeRazolerche   EsTerrera de Cabo Verde   Fikapverdenkiuru   FrAlouette de Razo   ItAllodola di Razo   NlRazo Leeuwerik   NoRasolerke   PtCalhandra do Ilhéu Razo   SvRazolärka   RuЖаворонок острова Разо

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Raso, Cape Verde
Richard Bonser  website website  simple  profile profile24/04/07 (uploaded 19/02/09)
Only found this one small island, and is critically endangered with total population estimated at only 100-150 birds. Without doubt, one of the rarest birds in the Western Palearctic.
Equipment: Samsung NV3 hand held to Swarovski scope.

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