Short-toed Eagle (Circaetus gallicus)


En-usShort-toed Eagle   CaÀguila marcenca   DaSlangeørn   DeSchlangenadler   EsCulebrera europea   Fikäärmekotka   FrCircaète Jean-le-Blanc   ItBiancone   NlSlangenarend   NoSlangeørn   PtÁguia-cobreira   SvOrmörn   RuЗмееяд

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11:28 14/09/15
juvenile circled low over Slackstead Farm but then drifted off southeast towards Hursley
possible reported drifting southwest mid-morning
possible flew over M27 from moving vehicle
17:58 15/06/15
possible reported drifting high southeast towards Bransgore (Hants)
17:29 10/06/15
possible reported distantly near yellow crane at Hurn Forest this morning
18:44 08/06/15
probable flew west up the From Valley
possible seen 3 times very distantly before appearing to go down in the area of Morden Bog today
08:38 06/06/15
probable just west of Bournemouth Airport at 07:58 hovering then dropped out of view
probable flew northwest over Stoney Cross
19:01 08/09/14
unconfirmed report of one flying NNW this afternoon

10 reports returned.

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Taxon hidden
undisclosed site, Qatar
Taxon hidden
Sagres, Portugal
Taxon hidden
Tarifa, Cazalla Watchpoint, Spain
Taxon hidden
Sagres, Portugal
Taxon hidden
La Janda, Cadiz Province, Spain
Taxon hidden
Tarifa, Spain
Taxon hidden
Tarifa, Spain
Taxon hidden
Tarifa, Spain
Taxon hidden
Boca de Huergano, Spain
Taxon hidden
Sierra de las Nieves, Spain
Taxon hidden
Villacanas, Spain
Taxon hidden
undisclosed site, Portugal
Taxon hidden
Villacanas, Spain
Taxon hidden
Lesvos, Greece
Taxon hidden
Lesvos, Greece
Taxon hidden
Coto Donana, Spain
Taxon hidden
Lighthouse, Gibraltar
Taxon hidden
Lighthouse, Gibraltar
Taxon hidden
Llanos de Caceres, Spain
Taxon hidden
Llanos de Caceres, Spain
Taxon hidden
Tarifa, Spain
Taxon hidden
Tarifa, Spain
Taxon hidden
undisclosed site, France
Taxon hidden
undisclosed site, France
Taxon hidden
undisclosed site, France

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Short-toed Eagle has been reported in the following areas (for more details, click a county name):

Devon Devon (1)
Dorset Dorset (1)
E Sussex E Sussex (1)
Guernsey Guernsey (1)
Hants Hants (1)
Jersey Jersey (1)
Norfolk Norfolk (1)
Scilly Scilly (1)
Surrey Surrey (1)

Accepted records (5)

N. A. J. Hudson and the Rarities Committee, British Birds 108: 578
Santon Downham, first-summer, 19th to 20th July, photo; same as Dorset; also in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex.
N. A. J. Hudson and the Rarities Committee, British Birds 108: 578
Thursley Common, first-summer, 12th July, photo; same as Dorset; also in Hampshire, Norfolk, Sussex.
Sussex, East
N. A. J. Hudson and the Rarities Committee, British Birds 108: 578, plate 327
Wych Cross, Ashdown Forest, first-summer, 10th June; presumed same, Gill's Lap and Wych Cross, 15th to 29th June, photo; same, Ashdown Forest, 12th July, photo; same as Dorset; also in Hampshire, Norfolk, Surrey.
N. A. J. Hudson and the Rarities Committee, British Birds 108: 578
Bishop's Dyke and Beaulieu Road Station, first-summer, 8t June, photo; presumed same, Hatchet Pond, Beaulieu, 12th to 13th June, photo; same, Pig Bush, 30th June to 2nd July, photo; same, Beaulieu Road Station, 5th July; same as Dorset; also in Norfolk, Surrey, Sussex.
British Birds 107: plate 215; N. A. J. Hudson and the Rarities Committee, British Birds 108: 578
Morden Bog, Wareham Forest and Arne RSPB, first-summer, 31st May to 1st June, photo; also in Hampshire, Norfolk, Surrey, Sussex.
N. A. J. Hudson and the Rarities Committee, British Birds 105: 567
Dawlish Warren, 16th October; presumed same, Orcombe Point, Exmouth, 16th October.
Fliquet, St Catherine's, 10th to 11th October.
Birding World 19 (6): 224, photo; BGRC, Guernsey Rarities Report 2006: unpaged, photo
Airport and Icart, 9th to 10th June, photo.
Isles of Scilly
T. R. Cleeves, Birding World 12 (10): 408-411, photos; Birding World 12 (12): 495, photo; M. J. Rogers and the Rarities Committee, British Birds 93: 526, plates 35, 36, 273 & 312; T. R. Cleeves, M. Hepple & K. D. N. Shaw, British Birds 97: 27-32, plates 15-17; BOURC (2001), Ibis 143: 171-175; Flood, Hudson & Thomas, 2007: plate 33
St Agnes and all islands, juvenile, 7th to 11th October, photo.
Distribution of accepted Short-toed Eagle reports by county
Short-toed Eagle
Devon (1 record)
Dorset (1 record)
Hampshire (1 record)
Norfolk (1 record)
Surrey (1 record)
East Sussex (1 record)
Isles of Scilly (1 record)
No. records (frequency)
1 (7) (7)1 (7)

(Click the squares for reports from that county.)

hide section European breeding populations (27)

Albania: 50-100 pairs, decreasing (1996-2002)
Andorra: 3-5 pairs, stable (1998)
Armenia: 20-80 pairs, decreasing (1998-2002)
Azerbaijan: 50-300 pairs, stable (1996-2000)
Belarus: 600-700 pairs, stable (1997-2002)
Bosnia and Herzegovina: present, trend unknown (1990-2003)
Bulgaria: 80-200 pairs, increasing (1996-2002)
Croatia: 100-250 pairs, decreasing (2002)
Estonia: 5-8 pairs, decreasing (1998)
France: 2,400-2,900 pairs, stable (2000-2003)
Georgia: 15-25 pairs, stable (1994-2003)
Greece: 300-500 pairs, stable (1995-2000)
Hungary: 30-50 pairs, decreasing (1997-2002)
Italy: 350-400 pairs, stable (2003)
Latvia: 5-20 pairs, fluctuating (1990-2000)
Macedonia: 50-150 pairs, increasing (1999-2000)
Moldova: present, decreasing (2000)
Poland: 10-15 pairs, decreasing (1990-2000)
Portugal: 250-600 pairs, stable (2002)
Romania: 220-300 pairs, stable (1995-2002)
Russia: 500-1,000 pairs, stable (1994-2002)
Serbia and Montenegro: 130-170 pairs, stable (1997-2002)
Slovakia: 20-25 pairs, stable (1980-1999)
Slovenia: 10-15 pairs, decreasing (1999-2000)
Spain: 2,000-3,000 pairs, trend unknown (1998-2002)
Turkey : 1,000-1,500 pairs, decreasing (2001)
Ukraine: 160-300 pairs, increasing (1990-2000)

Information from BirdLife International/European Bird Census Council (2000) European Bird Populations: Estimates and Trends. BirdLife Conservation Series No. 10. BirdLife International, Cambridge.

Max. population density of Short-toed Eagle by country (breeding pairs/1000 sq km; for illustration only)

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Tue 01/07/14
Rarity finders: Lightning strikes twice in Sussex
Rarity finders Lightning strikes twice in Sussex
Andy McLevy found the wandering Short-toed Eagle not once but twice in Ashdown Forest within the space of six days.  read on read on
Tue 03/06/14
Rarity finders: Short-toed Eagle in Dorset
Rarity finders Short-toed Eagle in Dorset
Leading a routine field trip around his patch, Paul Morton was fortunate enough to stumble upon Britain's third Short-toed Eagle.  read on read on

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