Pink-footed Goose (Anser brachyrhynchus)


En-usPink-footed Goose   CaOca de bec curt   DaKortnæbbet Gås   DeKurzschnabelgans   EsÁnsar piquicorto   Filyhytnokkahanhi   FrOie à bec court   ItOca zamperosee   NlKleine Rietgans   NoKortnebbgås   PtGanso-de-bico-curto   SvSpetsbergsgås   RuКороткоклювый гуменник

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Wed 08/10/14
WWT: Record numbers of Pink-feet at Lancashire WWT reserve
WWT Record numbers of Pink-feet at Lancashire WWT reserve
A record number of at least 45,800 Pink-footed Geese have arrived at Lancashire’s Martin Mere, counts have revealed.  read on read on
Mon 02/09/13
WWT: Power line research to reduce risks for swans and geese
WWT Power line research to reduce risks for swans and geese
The safety of tens of thousands of swans and geese in the UK could be improved by new research into collisions with power lines, which started this week with the installation of more than 150 special bird diverters in Lancashire.  read on read on
Mon 19/08/13
RSPB: Fracking fears for wildlife
RSPB Fracking fears for wildlife
The RSPB has issued its first objections to a controversial drilling technique that will have implications for both wildlife and climate.  read on read on
Tue 16/10/12
WWT: Surveys hint at Pink-footed Goose decline
WWT Surveys hint at Pink-footed Goose decline
Surveys attempt to confirm an apparent drop of 100,000 in Pink-footed Goose numbers.  read on read on
Tue 07/12/10
WWT: Record numbers of Pink-footed Geese on Solway Firth
WWT Record numbers of Pink-footed Geese on Solway Firth
Wildfowl counters this weekend recorded the highest ever count of Pink-footed Geese in the Solway Firth.  read on read on
Mon 04/10/10
Wildlife Trusts: Record-breaking goose numbers at Montrose Basin
Wildlife Trusts Record-breaking goose numbers at Montrose Basin
This weekend saw a record number of Pink-footed Geese arrive back at the Scottish Wildlife Trust's Montrose Basin Wildlife Reserve.  read on read on
Tue 10/02/04 Webzine subscribers only
Winter Geese: Part 1 - The 'grey geese' (Full Text)
Winter Geese
The 'grey geese' can provide some headaches when it comes to identifying them to race or species. Find out more about where these birds come from and what they look like – Tundra or Taiga, Eurasian or Greenland?  subscribe subscribe

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